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How to use twitter more effectively

I remember when i first set up my twitter account and put my first couple of tweets together, I was thinking…”what the hell is this?!” and “how is this going to benefit me?”. What I have realized 520 tweets and 537  followers later, the amount of useful information that people share is undeniably brilliant! Not only this but it allows your website content to reach a wider “relevant” audience that are interested in what you have to say!

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In this post I plan to give you a few little tips to make sure you are using twitter as effectively as you possibly can to generate brand awareness, develop your own standing in the profession of your choice  & start generating a buzz around your business.

What to tweet


That first step, your twitter account has no tweets. What do you tweet? What you eat for you dinner? What time you finished work? The hot girl you saw across the street? Of course not!

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Consider your audience, do you really think they want to read about that? If like me you are a designer/artist then I am more likely to find something interesting such as artworks, how to do things on Photoshop or illustrator. Alternatively if you are selling a product like cream that benefits people with eczema I would probably be interested in reading about eczema suffering groups and other relevant content such as that.

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Basically the message here is always keep your audience in mind when tweeting and make it relevant. ( Check my twitter account out for some general ideas ), just be genuinely interested in your industry.

Following people you are truly interested in

So you’ve started tweeting some really relevant industry tweets, best get following others that you are interested in. Don’t just follow people for the sake of it, i mean…when do you need a funeral director? Unless you are part of the Italian mafia with a regular need to dispose of bodies this twitter user is not necessarily going to benefit from your tweets and you certainly won’t benefit from theirs.

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Follow your industry professionals and start linking to tweeters that are going to help build a strong influential twitter following. Remember…not everyone will follow you back but a lot will, particularly if they are industry relevant.


Do you often see something interesting written by someone you follow? It’s more than likely the people following you will also find it interesting. After all they have the same interests as you.

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Sharing is caring, show what is interesting you and it will benefit your little fan base too…plus if you want to look it up again just check your twitter feed out for reference. Double bonus!


Twitter is a “social” media platform and to be social is to talk. Try commenting on some of your followings feeds, you might start a conversation and create a stronger bond with them as well as generate business.


A hash tag makes it easier for people to find your tweets with the “discover” tool. So for instance “hey check out my latest #art piece. here – http://www.url.com” okay so you notice that i put a hash tag next to art? so if anyone types art into the discover tool they may just discover your tweet and wallah! New followers.

Tweet every day

The last tip and one of the most important, tweet regularly or your followers may think you are inactive are unfollow you. Even try and tweet 3 to 5 times a day, throughout the day, juts make sure to keep it relevant.

Useful Twitter Apps

Lastly 2 useful Twitter apps that every Twitter user should be using : –


Gather more followers using this great app, see how much influence you have in your particular industry keyword too!


Are you noticing your twitter account keeps loosing followers even though you are twittering often ( how rude! :O ) ? Find out who is unfollowing you and return the favor ( unless of course they are highly influential with lots of great tweets that will benefit you! ).