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A week without Facebook Day 6

I am going to sound like a bit of a broken record but I still feel that without Facebook my life is more productive. Only 2 more days to go and then I will decide whether to permanently shut down my Facebook or continue using it.

Refocusing my attention on other social platforms

I started using other social media tools a lot more such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Delicious, Reddit & others as well as t o continuing to blog. For me, using social media platforms is about being productive, for others it may just be to waste a bit of time, not everyone wants to develop themselves, we all want different things and that is what makes the world interesting.

Facebook is boring

Facebook has become quite boring to me now, after exploring so many different ways of communicating online I personally find Facebook limiting. As previously mentioned there are only two reasons why I really like Facebook…easy log-ins on other websites & gaming. Other than that I am not particularly interested in seeing pictures of what my friends are getting up to ( unless in person ) and I am not really interested in being advertised at. I am though, interested in what the art and design community is doing…but there are better social media platforms for this purpose.

Prefer to be in touch with Family in other ways

I prefer to contact my family the old fashioned way..on the phone or I would like to use skype or such like a bit more than I do. There are so many technological options now that Facebook isn’t the be all and end all…personally I think its time to take back a bit of control  back in our lives, make our personal areas such as holidays, nights out & such like what they should be ..private & make work & interesting things such as art/quotes/articles/music public.

Facebook…is a chapter is closing on my social media use.