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How to schedule Tweets for peak performance

Schedule tweets you say? But how?

Juggling your time between social media accounts and the important part, your paid work, can be difficult at times. You want to be seen as active on Twitter and attempt to add something of value but you also want to ensure you complete your work to as high a standard as possible so tweeting ever so often isn’t really productive to your job’s productivity. Do not fear, there is a solution! In this post I discuss how you can schedule tweets to appear at different times of day throughout your working week allowing you to get on with other elements of your job.

Managing your Tweets

Social media managing program “HootSuite” is a great tool to see all your social media identities all in one place. One of my favourite features about HootSuite is the ability to schedule social media activity down to the exact day and time it will be posted, how good is that!?

1. Set up an account with HootSuite


Setting up an account with Hootsuite is simple it even gives you the option of signing in with one of your many social media accounts once you have registered them. As you register to use Hootsuite you will arrive at your dashboard and a button will say “Add a Social Network”, click it.

As we are looking at Twitter then simply follow the instructions to add your Twitter account as your first social media to manage via Hootsuite, you can add all the others later.

2. Flying in to publish and schedule tweets


Once your log in to HootSuite there is a dashboard to the right. To proceed click the paper aeroplane symbol (publisher ) and you will arrive at the screen to schedule tweets that can be seen above.

In order to begin scheduling Twitter posts you type your tweet where it says “compose message…”.


Once you have composed the message you want to communicate, to the right of your newly created message is another box where you select the social media platform you want to share the message on.

As mentioned earlier Hootsuite isn’t just for managing Twitter and scheduling tweets, you can manage every social media program you use via Hootsuite so proper use of the program can really help you to be more productive with your time whilst enhancing your social media experience for you and others.


What time is it!? Schedule tweets tiiiimmme!!

Once you have completed your tweet and added a link to the post then you simply click the calendar icon ( shown in blue on the above image ) and a calendar will pop up with the date and time options. This is where you plan your social media activity.

There are optimum times of day that are best for posting on different social media  see this infographic on my Pinterest account for more information so you can get the most of scheduling your posts for certain times.


Once you have completed the time setting press “send now” and it will appear in your schedule list.

Repeat the process until you have a weeks worth of scheduled tweets at varying times, sit back and watch the tweets roll out allowing you to focus on the other parts of your job.

Wait! Don’t forget to interact with your Twitter community

Although its great being able to pre-plan your tweets don’t forget that Twitter is a “social” media platform so try and interact with people’s tweets and when you receive communication on your own tweets, respond back for Pete’s sake!

The more you personalise people’s experiences with your social media accounts the more you will gain in online respect as a social media influencer.Like in the real world talking and giving importance to others views and opinions helps to build relationships, no one likes to be just spoken to and not heard…

Hootsuite is a great social media management program and to be able to schedule tweets is just one of the many great features that it has to offer. I highly recommend you take a little adventure through this management program and see just what can be done with it.

If you have any feedback or have a question please don’t hesitate to contact  me below or hey, why no on my twitter account?