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SEO Plug-ins you should definitely install on your wordpress site

So many plugins, which ones to choose? It can be difficult at times knowing which ones to choose, it seems that the options are endless and installing testing and seeing if they are any good can be difficult if not tiresome, so I have decided to include what I believe to be some of the best SEO Plug-ins for all WordPress users. One being an absolute gem! I will add similar posts to this in future but these are the 3 I believe are a must have. Continue “SEO Plug-ins you should definitely install on your wordpress site”

Why is SEO so Important

SEO is an abbreviation of the words search engine optimization, to the none web gurus out there (or the less strange), it can be explained as telling your local travel agents where you are and what you offer, telling them what kind of customers you would like and then those agents giving a direct map to your digital shop window. Basically, in a nut shell, it helps you be found by the types of people who want to find the service you offer or the product/s they desire. Continue “Why is SEO so Important”