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Logo concept and design – Ibarrra Moon

As my Twitter following has slowly began to gain in size in 2013 I have been connecting with people of all business varieties and from all corners of the world, one of whom was two lovely American ladies who were in need of an identity for their new business.

Fran and Hannah work in construction and wanted a logo concept and design, they already had a good idea what they wanted to call the business ( a combination of both their surnames) so they simply required a way of putting their startup idea into a visual form and that is where connecting on Twitter led to me helping with their logo.

International connection

This was my very first international design proposition I had ever been given but any hesitation to work for someone thousands of miles away was blown away with just how easy it was to communicate and work with Fran and Hannah.

Beginning the design

Once we had discussed the brief, I’d understood their business and background and discovered what they were looking for I set myself to working on creating some Identities.


To begin the logo design I created over twenty variations of a logo, I didn’t include any colour at this stage as it is important to not let  colour influence design decisions. Above is the very first stage of playing with shapes and concepts. Being contractors communicating this in the logo seemed quite important, so a font that was quite bold and structured looking was the initial decision.

Also, with the business being owned by two ladies the idea to differentiate the typography would help re-enforce this message clearly, in the fourth column this message is further enhanced by the inclusion of two stars.

First Response to initial logo designs

After a few days Fran and Hannah gave some feedback about the ones they liked the most and four in particular where the ones they wanted to take further into development ( see four images circled below).


Their responses where always very positive and they were very pleased at how many different varieties of logo they had to choose from and this was only the first stage! I could tell this was going to be one of the most enjoyable freelance jobs I’ve had thus far.

Stage 2 : Developing the logos further

Once I knew which logos to experiment with, combine and explore I asked Fran and Hannah if they had any idea what colours they liked as a work around. They informed that green and charcoal are the colours they envision their business in and thus I began stage two redeveloping the logos with these two colours in mind.

Below is the results of stage 2 and again the logos have been circled that the client liked best, their response was humbling…



[quote name=”Fran and Hannah” ]….I wanted to attach the logos that were our FAVS!! As always, you TOTALLY OUTDID yourself! We love them all!! HAHA [/quote]
The client really liked the second stage logos, they liked them so much they wanted to use three! Obviously having variations of the same logo is quite a common occurrence when designing an identity, but I advised them although they could have three logos that they need to be slight variations of each other to maintain a clear brand.
They agreed and so I moved onto stage 3 of refining the design.

Stage 3 : Refining the logo design

What my international clients wanted was now becoming clearer. So I played around a little more sending two variations of the house within the moon and the two stars.

I had also decided that including trees within the moon would also be appropriate as on further research Ibarra can mean meadow and with the client based in an area that is very wooded it seemed quite appropriate and made a more welcoming feel to the design.
Even though the logo was developing I didn’t feel it was quite hitting the right mark, maybe there was too many gradients and in the logo below, too many colours. Using the feedback given I further developed the logo and took elements from each of their favourite ideas to make it into one consistent branded logo…

Stage 3 : Finalising the design

This was the final stage, bringing it all together in different file formats for both print, screen and vector for enlargements.

The charcoal and green I felt were good choices for the logo, charcoal for a nights sky and part of the gradient for the moon and the green for the meadow, building mostly out of wood and green is symbolic of growth which is perfect for erecting new properties.

Looking at their favourite logos rather than having a moon literally how it looks in story books by putting it on its side it looked less like a story book and more conceptual as well as having the double edged concept of also being similar to a smile.

Hearing that the client wanted to use three logos , one being the text on its own for letterheads and the others for their vans and uniform I adhered to their requests and below is the finished product.

It was an absolute pleasure working with my first American clients, I learnt a lot from the job and I wish them all the success in the future.
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