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Infographic CV

It has been two years since I landed my current inhouse design job as a website and graphic designer and (without sounding like a big head, sorry if i do :s) my skills have improved a great deal in since when I. I recently discovered an old CV on an external HD and it was a simple word doc that didn’t really show what I am capable of so decided it was about time I updated it to reflect my advancement in design and to tell my personal story in a more visual way.

I wasn’t sure whether a visual infographic CV is something that was going to impress people who view it or whether I should stick to a traditional written resume. My thinking was that by creating an infographic CV it shows that I am willing to take a design risk whilst trying to show my personality through visual forms.

Digest information quickly

Not only this but infographic CVs are usually easier to digest for the viewer because graphical information is quickly communicated and play a large part in the delivery of my work and educational history and as the saying goes, a picture speaks a 1000 words.

Considering an employer will likely be flicking through hundreds of resumes if yours can communicate your work experience and background in a short space of time it is, in my opinion, a win for the person viewing it and an enjoyable experience for the designer who created it.

Benefit of upgrading to an infographic CV

By updating my resume to an infographic CV I have had to really study my past work, education and personal history in order to be able to communicate this visually and hopefully create a flow of information in the design I have created which makes me see areas I need to improve upon but also where I feel I have done well. Basically this a SWOT analysis of self, a really important thing to do periodically in order to improve your ability as an employee and to be able to give all you can to your employer.

Downside of upgrading to an infographic CV

There are two downsides to creating your CV into an infographic, one is that is a risk as the employer may not like the design or the fact you are breaking traditions and secondly it takes quite a lot of time to create an infographic and if it doesn’t impress your potential employer then the time you have spent creating it may have been for waste.

Infographic CV in the flesh

So here it is, the infographic CV I recently created, I hope you like it.