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How to use twitter effectively part 2

Not so long ago I wrote a blog post about how to use twitter more effectively to promote your business and create a bit more awareness amongst your industry. This is the second installation of more tricks and tips that I have discovered along the tweeting path. If I repeat myself from a previous post, please forgive as I am only human 🙂

5 tips to become a twitter super power

Reply to tweets that catch you eye.

I know I have already mentioned to retweet tweets that you find really interesting as your following will more than likely also find it of particular interest to them but try commenting on a tweet too. Talking to your fellow tweeters can start a good relationship with like minded souls and promote positivity between you and others. As BT say, its good to talk. Just be careful not to spam as 10 comments in a row may be too many on someones twitter feed…just 2 in the morning, 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner will be plenty :-).

To be or not to be
Asking questions to your followers can be an effective way of starting communication if it is thought provoking enough or your followers feel they have something to add. I know some tweeters are a bit afraid of talking to other tweeters, its almost like a code…don’t talk to me I’m tweeting! But come on people, this IS social media!! The key word being social. Causing debate is a great tool for increasing your following.

being invisible on social media

Don’t follow people who are invisible or talk an awful lot.

Following people who are too lazy to even upload a photo on their profile picture are more than likely spammers or not using twitter correctly. If you  follow someone who tweets about 10 tweets every 20 minutes you are going to miss a lot of tweets from your other followers and some of them tweets may be gold dust! So don’t follow people who are tweeting more than they retweet..no one likes a self centered tweeter.

Spread the word for your followers

Admiring the work of your fellow tweeters, promoting competitions or special offers of one of your tweeters it won’t go unnoticed by your followers and will give you a stronger bond ( if only electronically ) with that particular follower as they know you are co-operating with them not only to boost your own place in the industry but you also want to help others.

Afterwards mention it to them on Twitter and they’ll be very grateful, they most likely tweet about it too.