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Why you should start guest blogging

By this stage of blogging I imagine if you are reading this you have had a good go at blogging your own thoughts, ideas and content, you find it a great way of relaxing in a productive way, advancing your own skills whilst being able to help others. You may have even noticed traffic to your website increase ten fold as an added bonus to this new hobby you have found. It is a great start to gain traffic and awareness of what you do but there is another way to increase your traffic levels one step further and that is through guest blogging.

What is Guest blogging

Guest blogging is where someone who doesn’t own the website, blog or social media account create a blog post that the editor of the website is happy to share with its audience.

Usually a blog post by a guest will be related to theme of the website so that the audience will be interested in what is being written otherwise a blog post about knitting won’t go down too well on a blog about gardening ( unless the target market are a group of pensioners maybe).

Why website owners love guest blogs?

Its not secret, the best way to generate traffic to your website is to create content and a lot of it! By guest blogging for another person or business it gives them the ability to generate more content. Great for website owners as it has the potential to generate new leads and potential to also gain more revenue.

Whats in it for me?

So far it sounds like the website owner is the big fat banker and we are the lowly peasent but it isn’t so! By guest blogging on another website that is relevant to your industry you are promoting your work to an audience who may not have seen what you do before thus arriving at your website through someone elses, maybe even a competing business. If the reader is impressed enough ( or if you ask nicely ) the new reader may also become a social media fan of yours and follow you on one of the many social media platforms.

Still not sure if guest blogging is for you?

Well here are seven points why guest blogging will help you and your own website improve conversions.

1. SE0
2. More Brand Awareness
3. Showing yourself as an expert in the industry
4. Increase your reputation and be respected
5. The website owner respects your opinion
6. Increase your website traffic
7. Increase your fan base on your website & social media

Interested in guest blogging on JAWilsonDesign.com?

If you are interested in guest blogging on my website please contact me with content at [email protected] or you can sign up to myblogguest.com locate me and send me a blog post through the website or alternatively if you would like me to guest blog on your website or blog please feel free to contact me with subjects or topics you think are appropriate. Have a great time blogging guys!