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Create infographics easily without Graphic Design Knowledge

To create infographics takes time, fact. Anyone who has ever had the inclination to design an infographic will know they are not that simple to create, you first have to collect your data, then select how you want to represent that data, is there a particular theme you can adhere the information to? Next you need to create graphic elements that will communicate the date effectively and lastly is there a way you can create a sense of flow in the layout.

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Create Infographics faster

As you can tell that really does take time! Luckily for those without graphic design skills do have an answer to their prayers, easel.ly. This website allows you to create infographics from a basic template without the need to have spent time learning the mainstream vector creating programs. Below is a brief introduction into just what is possible with this fantastic infrographic tool.

Although this is a great tool for the novice graphic designer it can be quite limiting to what is possible and that is why an infographic created from scratch by a professional digital designer will always be slightly more professional and detailed than one created via a platform such as this. If you need an infographic quickly, maybe for a blog post and don’t have the funds to hire a designer at the moment this is a great option but otherwise I’d still recommend hiring a designer to communicate your data as professionally as possible.

Have you used easel.ly? How did you find it? Do you know of any other infographic programs? Please feel free to comment in the box below.