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“Hold On” : Acrylic on my old secondary school door by JA Wilson

Entered into the John Moores Painting Prize 2012

We all have dreams as a child. We dream of becoming super heroes like Superman, Batman or other characters of fantasy realms. We are told to dream as a child, both from the media on the television to, as we grow older, schools and establishments telling you that you can achieve anything your heart desires and the way to do it is to get a really good education, progress with good grades, go to university, get a degree and that is bound to help you get a better future. Put £20,000 of your future “possible” earnings into an education  ..surely, that would help you get the perfect job…wouldn’t it? Continue ““Hold On” : Acrylic on my old secondary school door by JA Wilson”

Soul Tree – Enlightenment Conceptual Meaning

One evening when I was fast asleep in bed dreaming whatever it is we creative types dream I disturbed my then, partners sleep by sitting bolt upright in bed and saying “1000 year old tree” and then laying back down in bed again, unaware that I had said anything at all, my partner was obviously quite freaked out ( as you would be ) and made me aware of what I had said in the night to which I just chuckled. I felt I had to find this tree and visit it at some time in the future. Continue “Soul Tree – Enlightenment Conceptual Meaning”