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Life Drawing Examples & Experience from JA Wilson Design

Drawing someone you have never met

At the age of 20, as many creatives do, I undertook an art foundation BTEC which gave a taste into a fair few of the arts. Graphic design, illustration, 3d design, textile design & fine art where the main subject matters we got a taste of but regardless of the subject a student decided to undertake we were compulsory made to do some life drawing. When I first heard I would be drawing a life model ( or a nude ) whom I had never met it was quite a bizarre thought. Would it be a man, would it be a woman? Would they be old, would they be young? Would they be attractive or not?

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ample buzzoms

The very first life drawing I did was a woman roughly around 30 with ample sized breasts. The first time I saw the woman unrobe I thought this was a bonus of becoming an artist..but then..the more I got into the drawing of her the less it was a naked woman and the more it became just another object to convey artistically on paper.

life drawing, life drawing by jawilsondesign

high praise

My first life drawing I did actually got high praise from my tutors. I had a very difficult angle to draw ( not shown here ) as I was at the head of her so had to draw the perspective in so she didn’t look like she was floating. I was quite happy with what I had achieved with the charcoal and chalk on A0 paper. It was actually a really fun experience.

life drawing, life drawing by jawilsondesign

people have character

The next time I did a life drawing it was a large woman around 70 years old …o_0. Not good! Just as well I started imagining the person as an object rather than a naked person. It wasn’t quite the enjoyable expereince as before but she did have character which is why i suppose they choose an older person for us to draw, plus it doesn’t have any connection to anything else we might be interested in at the age the most of us where.

life drawing by jawilsondesign

various media experimentations

I tried testing different medias and different tools for each time I did a life drawing and the more I did it the more I enhanced my drawing skills and creativity. I do miss life drawing and it has been nearly a full decade since I last did any sort of life drawing which means it is long overdue. These are just a few of the life drawing examples I have done.

life drawing by JAWilsonDesign

life drawing in charcoal and chalk by jawilsondesign

life drawing using long stick and ink by JAWilsonDesign

life drawing in charcoal and chalk by jawilsondesign

life drawing in 60 seconds by jawilsondesign

If you would like to know any more about these pieces of work then please do not hesitate to contact me.