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I want to do what I want with my life

Everyone who is anyone dreams of winning the lottery, what must it be like to have millions of pounds at your disposal, removing your money worries from your life forever but what if money was no object? What if it didn’t exist and you didn’t need it to live? What would you really want to do with your life?

We all say in our mind ‘ I want to do what I want to do with my life ‘

We all say this in our mind and a few of us are lucky enough to fulfill our dreams and pursue a career that we actually want to be doing. It is in my belief that the reason people don’t do what they want is that they let their situation and surroundings stop them.

Be determined, be focused, be present

You have to stay determined in your efforts to pursue a ‘dream career’ whilst not hurting anyone along the way. You have to be focused on your idea and imagine what it is like to have the job you want to drive you to make hard decisions and sometimes life changes ( such as relocating or leaving unproductive relationships) and finally you need to be present in the moment, another words don’t let the experience of others influence your own thoughts. People will tell you are a disillusioned dreamer and some people will see you as stupid but stupid people make change happen and normal people…well…they are just normal.

Nothing wrong with normal, its perfect for some, its comfortable, but what if money was no object?

If Money was no object

I came across a video by a man called Alan Watts, its quite an inspirational video where he discusses if you had unlimited money what would you really be doing with your life? Would you be doing your job or would you be pursuing something different? What is it your desire from life?

Before we know it we will hit 80 years old and we can look back on life and say I had a fulfilling life and I tried my hardest to make my dreams a reality or we can look back on life and regret we didn’t do more.

Family also important

I think what we must remember when watching the video below is that career is only one part of our human life and we also must not regret not doing more for those we love as much as creating a career we love. So next time you think I want to do what I want with my life ask yourself what if money was no object then plan to make your dream a reality.