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Why I became a time to change champion

If you follow my Twitter Account @JAWilsonDesign you may have noticed that my profile picture background has changed to promote the #timetotalk hashtag from the time to change campaign helping stop mental health discrimination.

I decided to become a time to change champion because I know what it is like to suffer with mental illness.

I have suffered quite badly over the last decade with severe mental illness but eventually, began to recover.

Why am I writing this post? I am writing this in the hope that my story might help others who are suffering with feelings of hopelessness, depression or/and anxiety to know that you can get better and things can improve. I am not trying to be presumptuous I just want others to know there is a way out of the dark place of depression and this is my story…

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Soul Tree – Enlightenment Conceptual Meaning

One evening when I was fast asleep in bed dreaming whatever it is we creative types dream I disturbed my then, partners sleep by sitting bolt upright in bed and saying “1000 year old tree” and then laying back down in bed again, unaware that I had said anything at all, my partner was obviously quite freaked out ( as you would be ) and made me aware of what I had said in the night to which I just chuckled. I felt I had to find this tree and visit it at some time in the future. Continue “Soul Tree – Enlightenment Conceptual Meaning”