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Diamond Lifestyles Business Card Design

Not only did the owner of Diamond Lifestyles want me to design her an identity she also wanted a business card that represented her ideals. The brief was to create a business card that clearly represented the health industry but also had a sleek, modern and professional look. In this post I show some of the business card designs I developed before arriving at the final one.

Initial Logo Design


The benefit of being hired to design the logo and business card is that I can play with the two side by side to see how it may work on a printed piece of material. When I was first designing the logo I wanted to see how it may look on a business card. I tried the logo on a pure black and white background with inverted colours. I wanted to keep the design minimal as it would look more clinical and relating to the precision that health products and services usually provide.


Aloe Vera Focuses your attention


This was a design that the client really liked. She liked the Aloe Vera Leaves on the card but she wasn’t quite sure black was the right colour for her company, it was something I wanted to keep in mind as I was designing the logo.

Full Colour relates to Aloe Vera


When I designed the logo in a minimalist way I was a little worried that there was little relation to Aloe Vera and rather about the diamond relation. To combat this I considered how the business card and future collateral could show the Aloe Leaf & plants and possibly using the colour of the plant in its brand guidelines. It wasn’t the client’s favourite choice, she definitely wanted something minimal and she preferred the white rather than the black so I created a few more options.

 Portrait Minimal Business Cardportrait

As the client wanted a minimalist approach I took the design right back to as much of a simple design as possible. By keeping the card to a minimum it gave it the clinical look that was desired but I wanted to give several different options so tried a few more different layouts and styles.



 Final Design

Considering that my client liked the Aloe Vera Leaves on the card design this was inco-operated into the final design. It added visual interest and communicated exactly what the product was that the company sells. The logo in the 3d Chrome/Silver effect worked well with the white background and vibrant green of the Aloe Leaves. The font choice was classic and re-enforced that of a professional and competent health professional. See the final design below…