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A timeless logo is not important

I recently read an article on the web about 5 principles to making a good logo design one of which one was that it is important that a logo is timeless. To quote

Nothing about your logo should be trendy or connected to the style of the time. The best logo designs are iconic …” Indelible Branding

In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth and here is why.

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Clever Business Card designs

Business Card designs are a really important part of your brand. Its not only to say who you are but it can give your potential clients a more positive image of your company if done right. I feel that bespoke business cards are a great asset for your company salesmen to have in their arsenal and the best ones can usually tell a story about what your company sells. I have compiled excellent examples for you to feast your eyes on to help you gather some inspiration for your next design.

11 Fab examples of clever business card designs that communicate and delight the senses

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Colour cards

vibrant business card, business card designer

This card delights me as a designer because of the clever use of typography and composition of the name on the back. Colour has a strong meaning subconsciously  when designing your brand so be careful which one you decide to choose ( I will discuss colour in a blog post in the future).


Photography Card

photography business card, business card designer

Some may say this is to literal but deep down even the most sophisticated business man is a big kid deep down and being able to play with your business card and identify what it is you do straight away always brings a smile to your customers faces. No one wants to be bored and if they don’t smile then they aren’t the customer for you! 🙂


DJ Card

dj business card, businesscard design

Wika! Wika! Wa! Wa! Play that funky card record on the front of this card. Again easy to see what your profession is as well as adding an element of fun.


Ninja Card

ninja card, ninja, ninja business card, samurai, branding design

Again another attempt at being fun…although I am sure there are some Ninjas that may do business i am not quite sure if this card was designed for that purpose but all the same, it did make me go OOoooooo and i would definitely remember receiving this from someone.


Edible Card

Obviously designed for a baker. I love the concept but unless you store the contact details in your phone before you eat the biscuit then…oh crumbs!


Character Card

business card that shows character, character business card, character design

Some people have a really striking visual appearance as well as a distinctive design style. If this is the case your business card can show that in how you design it.


Breast Card

breast cancer, boobs, boob business card, breast healthcare, creative business card

Obviously to do with the care of women’s baloobies. Would definitely make us chuckle like little children if we received this.


Multiple uses for a card

multi use business card

Having a second use for a business card will more than likely help your client keep hold if the card a bit longer, plus you’re being environmentally friendly too! Bonus.


Pop up card

pop up card, pop up business card, business card

What is the main focus of your business? Is it you? Are you a freelancer? Then why not make yourself stand out and literally pop up out of the  customers hand. Downside of this is that it might be a bit fragile to store.


Biodegradable Plastic Card

migsolv business card, migsolv, jawilsondesign, business card designer, clever business card

This card represents that of a security swipe card. Made from biodegradable plastic with a qr code on the back that looks almost like the chip where the information for the security is stored. If I was to receive this card I would know that security is the main purpose of this company.


Metal Card

metal business card

Looks very expensive and high tech, i’d feel pretty bad to throw this away…great thing to show others not just your clients.


Hanger Card

hanger business card, clothing business card, fashion business card, businesscard idea, clever business card ideas

A card in the shape of a hanger…looks good but, would it fit into your wallet? Is it practical? Thats my only criticism..creativity is top level.


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what do you think makes a great business card? Please feel free to leave a comment.